Last update: 23 November 2021

Regularly updated list of Bitcoin-friendly VPS, dedicated server, VDS, VPN, and email providers.

How to search providers by location: locations are tagged by ISO country code. You can search by pressing Ctrl-F/Cmd-F, enabling case sensitive/"match case" in the dialog box, and searching in the page text for e.g RO to find all providers with locations in Romania.

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Make sure to include server and company locations. If they use BitPay please flag this. Additional notes (what level of anonymity is allowed at signup, whether they offer block storage / are suited to running Bitcoin full nodes, etc) are welcome. Particularly interested in hosts that take Lightning payments.

Using BitPay or using providers that require it is strongly discouraged: many readers have complained BitPay requires a separate account and extensive personal information from the customer in order to pay for services from BitPay-using merchants. Commonly recommended alternative payment providers include BTCPayServer, Coinify, Coingate, and

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Hat tip to joepie91 for creating the first list.

"You know that whole NSA story from almost ten years ago? I paid for the servers that made that possible... using Bitcoin." --Edward Snowden

VPS providers

Virtual Private Server providers, where your server is actually a virtual machine sharing a more powerful physical server with many other customers. This significantly reduces costs.

VPS: Europe

VPS: Asia

VPS: North America

VPS: Accountless

VPS: Australia

VPS: Cloud Front-End

VPS: Oceania

VPS: Africa

VPS: Iceland

VPS: Central America

VPS: Unknown

VPS: Worldwide

VPS: South America

VPS: Middle East

Low End VPS providers

Providers offering servers for less than 2 EUR/month, sometimes much less. In many cases these are NAT VPS providers where you get no unique IPv4 address, only a port range and/or IPv6 addresses.

Low End VPS: Europe

Low End VPS: Asia

Low End VPS: North America

Low End VPS: Oceania

Low End VPS: Worldwide

Dedicated Server providers

Dedicated Servers give you an entire physical server to yourself, generally offering higher performance and better security but also a much higher price than a VPS.

Dedicated Server: Europe

Dedicated Server: Asia

Dedicated Server: North America

Dedicated Server: Worldwide

Dedicated Server: Central America

Dedicated Server: Oceania

Dedicated Server: Africa

Dedicated Server: Middle East

Dedicated Server: South America

Dedicated Server: Australia

VPN providers

Virtual Private Network providers allow you to tunnel your Internet traffic to their servers using an encrypted link.

VPN: Europe

VPN: Worldwide

VPN: Central America

VPN: Asia

VPN: North America

VPN: South America


VPN: Oceania

VPN: Africa

VPN: Middle East

VDS providers

Virtual Dedicated Server providers, which are very similar to VPS providers but sometimes offer greater isolation (e.g using KVM or Xen instead of OpenVZ -- note many VPS providers also offer KVM or Xen). In some cases VDS may mean a VPS with a dedicated CPU core, so it is not sharing CPU capacity with other clients from that provider.

VDS: Europe

VDS: Asia

VDS: North America

VDS: Worldwide

Email providers

Signing up for a VPS generally requires an email address, but there are major privacy downsides to using most free services. Therefore we also list paid, privacy-friendly email providers who accept Bitcoin. For a non-Bitcoin-specific list of email providers ranked by observable technical security competence, see the Dismail list:

Email: Europe

Email: North America